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During preparation of second Integrated report, PKP CARGO Group develops mandatory elements of non-financial reporting, being aware that these components complete the full picture of the Company's operations. The social-business partnership is understood to comprehensively cover the following areas:

For the PKP CARGO Group, non-financial reporting is an opportunity to present to its stakeholders a broader picture of how the company value is created. Although difficult to estimate and measure, over longer term the non-financial data translates into financial and operational performance.

The Group’s objectives and qualitative changes resulting from the Company’s sustainable development activities are presented below:

  • We care about the environment – better quality and efficiency, more environmentally friendly operations
  • We care about employees – professional human resources, committed employees
  • We care about society – support for culture and tradition, better brand recognition
  • We care about respect for human rights – reliable and recommendable employer
  • We care about prevention of corruption and bribery – trustworthy, ethical employer, safe workplace

PKP CARGO Group was appreciated in 2018 for its operational activities and for taking care of sustainable development. The result is visible through numerous awards and titles gained by the PKP CARGO Group.

PKP CARGO Group operates on the international rail transport market and participates in many industry organizations. Participation in many initiatives and industry initiatives allows to be up-to-date with trends, important regulatory issues and facilitates the establishment of new business relationships.

In 2016, the Parent Company adopted the “Corporate Social Responsibility Policy”. The document is a road map for responsible activities for everyone involved in the execution of business processes.

In 2018, PKP CARGO S.A. executed corporate social responsibility projects addressed to company employees or their families, activities focused on environmental protection, as well as initiatives designed to increase the security of transport provided by the Company. The projects have been described in the Responsible Business Best Practice Forum report. The projects addressed the following Social Development Goals:

The idea of partnership has been developed as a long practice of PKP CARGO S.A.; therefore, in 2018, the Company continued activities to promote it, based on, inter alia, internal Best Practices of Social Dialog, developed jointly with the Social Partners during the Partnership-Based Dialog Workshop in 2017.

Seeking to ensure transparent principles of cooperation between the dialog parties, the Company updates its internal regulations which define the rules of Social Partners’ cooperation. As a result of joint work, the Agreement of 14 February 2005 on mutual obligations of the Parties to Company Collective Bargaining Agreement was updated in 2018 for Employees of PKP CARGO S.A. Units.

The Company also creates conditions conducive to the dissemination and upgrading of knowledge, in its aspects which are important for social dialog parties. To this end, representatives of the Social Partner are offered training courses devoted, inter alia, to changes of the law in the areas having direct impact on joint processes (revision of the trade unions act, GPDR).

Karta Różnorodności

The Company became a Signatory of the Diversity Charter, coordinated in Poland by the Responsible Business Forum. Joining the Charter is a public expression of respect for the policy of equal opportunities and the idea of equality in business, as well as acceptance for differences and dissimilarities, including in the area of employee trade union membership.

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