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Materiality matrix of PKP CARGO Group

  • Development of new transport routes
  • Financial standing of the Group
  • Investing activities
  • Compliance
  • Alignment of internal regulations with employee needs (flexible working time, telework, etc.)
  • Fringe benefits offered
  • Employee education and training
  • Occupational safety and health

Materiality matrix has been constructed based on PKP CARGO Group stakeholders’ group specification and the questionaires received from them. The questionaire included several questions that allowed PKP CARGO Group to define key areas of significance. Thanks to that form of dialogue PKP CARGO Group had a chance to get to know what aspects and to what extent are most interesting to our stakeholders. Materiality and significance of the aspects was addressed for the fisrt time in our first integrated online report 2017.

The sent-out questionaire had a division of 3 aspects: ECONOMIC, EMPLOYEE – RELATED and ENVIRONMENTAL AND SOCIAL. The respondents allocated points to particular aspects accorindg to their assesment of importance. The detailed range of topics included following elements:

  1. Financial standing of the Group
  2. Investing activities
  3. Development of new transport routes
  4. Compliance
  5. Employee education and training
  6. Fringe benefits offered
  7. Occupational safety and health
  8. Alignment of internal regulations with employee needs (flexible working time, telework, etc.)
  9. Transparency in market communication
  10. Building client relations
  11. Involvement in social initiatives
  12. Introducing new technologies
  13. Environmental procedures in place

The mapping of importance and significance of areas is shown by an interactive infographic for the materiality matrix. This year's integrated online report for the PKP CARGO Group offers an option and a survey tool. All interested users and readers of the report can express themselves freely and determine what aspects of the report are the most important for them and which require further deeper addressing.

The PKP CARGO Group plans further initiatives aimed at improving communication with all stakeholder groups, and thus the further development of integrated reporting. In order for the goal to be achieved, it is planned to update and verify the validity of previously defined significance areas.

A detailed breakdown into identified groups of stakeholders and a description of activities undertaken by PKP CARGO to address their needs is included in the ‘Stakeholders Map’ chapter.

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