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Dialogue with investors - PKP CARGO on WSE

Investor relations and communication with investors

PKP CARGO S.A. places great emphasis on professional and transparent communication with capital market stakeholders, including current and potential shareholders. Maintaining relations is a tool for achieving this goal. The priority of the Company’s communication within the framework of investor relations is to present investors with a reliable picture of the Company’s operations, including its financial situation and enabling equal access to information to all market participants.

Striving to ensure the highest standards in the area of investor relations PKP CARGO S.A. held in 2018 many events addressed to the investor environment.

The main goal of PKP CARGO S.A. is correct and timely fulfillment of the information obligations of a listed company. In 2018 the Company has identified many events requiring immediate disclosure. In 2018, PKP CARGO S.A. organized four conferences for the analysts and investors in connection with the publication of the Company’s periodical results. During the conferences, representatives of the Management Board of PKP CARGO S.A. presented the results of the Group and responded to the participants’ questions. In order to ensure the widest possible access to the conference, PKP CARGO S.A. ensured internet transmission of the events, available, among others on the Company’s website. During the conferences PKP CARGO S.A. each time provided simultaneous translation to English, both for stationary participants as well as for those participating in conferences via the Internet or via teleconferences.

As part of activities directed to current and potential investors in 2018, representatives of PKP CARGO S.A. represented the Company at conferences and domestic and foreign roadshows organized by professional capital market institutions.

The company published its first integrated report in the online version in 2018. The purpose of the report was to better address the needs expressed by stakeholders. The integrated report is a corporate communication tool addressed to a wide range of recipients. By publishing the integrated report of PKP CARGO S.A. has entered the elite group of the largest companies on the capital market, which decide on this non-obligatory communication channel. The Integrated Report in the online version took part in the Best Annual Report competition - in the prestigious category of the Best Integrated Report - organized by the Institute of Accountancy and Taxes.

PKP CARGO S.A. makes available to users a corporate website with a dedicated investor relations section. The "Investor Relations" section ensures equal access to information for investors and analysts from Poland, as well as from abroad, is kept and updated on an ongoing basis in two languages (Polish and English). The company also maintains communication through channels in social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.

On a monthly basis, the company sends to the group of interested analysts and investors, as well as members of the Management Board, Supervisory Board and employees, the investor relations newsletter of PKP CARGO S.A., containing useful data, including: macroeconomic, transport, market and results of the company's achievements as well as a summary of the most important events in a given month of the life of PKP CARGO S.A.

On November 27-28, 2018 PKP CARGO S.A. organized annual edition of "Investor's Day", addressed to stock market analysts and institutional investors. Several dozen participants representing financial institutions took part in the event. During the "Investor's Day" participants visited, among others a modern locomotive painting factory located in Bydgoszcz, belonging to the North Division of PKP CARGO S.A..

PKP CARGO S.A. investor relations are confirmed to be maintained on high level by numerous distinctions - for the high quality of communication with the market and fulfilling information and reporting obligations. Last year the Company won the prestigious title of "Transparent Company of the Year 2017".

As part of continuous improvement of the investor's website, PKP CARGO S.A. in 2019, intends to continue activities and develop communication tools in the area of investor relations. An element of this communication is this Integrated Report 2018 online.

Summary of the most important investor relations events in 2018:

2018-02-05 PKO BP Conference in Warsaw
2018-03-16 Publication – Annual report 2017, Meeting with investors and analysts
2018-04-09 BZ WBK Conference, Warsaw
2018-04-09/11 Raiffeisen Centrobank Conference, Zurs
2018-04-26 Awarding PKP CARGO S.A. the title of „Transparent company of the year”
2018-05-25 Publication – 1Q2018 report, Meeting with investors and analysts
2018-06-13 Annual General Meeting of PKP CARGO shareholders
2018-08-08 Publication of 1st 2017 Integrated report online for PKP CARGO Group
2018-08-21 Publication – 1H2018 report, Meeting with investors and analysts
2018-09-18 Roadshow Wood & Company, Scandinavia
2018-10-23 Noble Securities Conference, Warsaw
2018-11-22 Publication- 3Qreport 2018, Meeting with investors and analysts
2018-11-28/29 PKP CARGO Institutional investor day Bydgoszcz- Toruń
2018-12-05/07 Wood’s Winter in Prague, Prague

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