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PKP CARGO Group approaches the issue of environmental protection and use of its resources in a balanced way in a comprehensive manner. Activities are aimed at improving the conditions of environment and surroundings in the community in which the Group operates. An example of this is the effort to constantly improve the level of safety, both in relation to the working environment and transported loads. PKP CARGO uses unmanned drone fleets to increase the level of security and to reduce theft of transported goods.

The environmental policy adopted by the Group is a consistent feature of PKP CARGO S.A. policy regarding the Integrated Management System (IMS) and includes:

  • protection of the natural environment through the promotion and implementation of eco-friendly forms of transport and prevention of pollution;
  • reasonable use of raw materials, other materials and energy and water in accordance with the legal requirements of environmental protection and sustainable development;
  • raising awareness of responsibility for the quality of the natural environment among employees.

The application of those policies results in:

  • safe transport of goods by rolling stock that meets environmental requirements;
  • investments in the procurement of new rolling stock and modernization of used stock, in the maintenance and repair facilities, and in rolling stock diagnostics equipment, which helps maintain high standards of rolling stock maintenance and protect of the environment against possible consequences of rolling stock breakdowns and accidents;
  • compliance of the performed activities with applicable legal provisions;
  • minimizing the impact on the natural environment, reduction of the amount of substances and pollutants emitted to the environment;
  • the environmental awareness of our employees is growing every year – they are regularly trained according to the environmental hazards which they face in their working stations.

The Group also identifies and measures environmental parameters, described in more detail in Natural Capital.

Each year the Group spends money on the dedicated projects aimed at environmental protection. In 2018, the PKP CARGO Group spent PLN 176.9 million on capital expenditures and repairs related to environment protection. The expenditures include, inter alia, expenditure to lower emissions or regulate formal and legal environmental status. The most of this amount, over 80%, financed modernization of locomotives. The other expenditure items include investments and renovation in technical facilities, such as:

  • construction of fueling stations;
  • double-jacket tanks for worked oils;
  • modernization of water supply and sewage networks;
  • locomotive painting plants;
  • construction of waste storage;
  • modernization of boiler plants, heating networks, etc.

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