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The PKP CARGO Group has published the integrated report for 2018 in the online version. This is our second publication of this type. We want to bring you closer to the Group's operations in a comprehensive manner, combining financial and non-financial aspects, so as to show you how we are building the company's value for all stakeholder groups.

The report is divided into chapters that clearly describe:

The report is based on the IIRC (International Integrated Reporting Council) guidelines and the latest reporting standards defined using GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) indicators. PKP CARGO decided to implement the latest indicators defined in the Core compliance option. At the same time, content markings are implemented according to capital - production, financial, intellectual, human, natural and social.

The integrated report is published on an annual basis and covers the period from January 1 to December 31, 2018. The report is published in two language versions - Polish and English.

In order to better convey and enrich the text content, numerous interactive and static infographics have been implemented. In addition, the user has the option of using the application for interactive data and the share price.

The content of the integrated report is supplemented by a Download Center which serves as a repository of additional document. The following categories of documents and publications are available:

  • Financial tables in .xlsx format - link;
  • Periodic reports for previous years - link;
  • Corporate presentations - link;
  • Newsletters - link;
  • Result-based video conferences - link;
  • Press news - link.

Report includes several technical facilities allowing the user to navigate the report more efficiently. These are:

  • Double search engine – standard one that allows to search by entry and non-standard one- search by chosen capital;
  • Identification of each page according to GRI standards;
  • Identification of each page according to 6 capitals, relevant to content;
  • Links do pages and connected content allowing for alternative navigation;
  • Glossary of most important industrial words;
  • Technical tools allowing to add a page to the clipboard, print it and save it in pdf format;
  • Technical possibility to download each table in xlsx format.


We cordially invite you to read our latest integrated report. We will be grateful for any suggestions and comments. Feel free to share your opinion on the report with us via the survey.

Or via email sent to the emial below:

PKP CARGO Investor relations


Grójecka Street 17
Warsaw 02-021

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