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Production capital

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Key data on PKP CARGO

Leader in the Logistics Services Market PKP CARGO S.A., and PKP CARGO Group are Polish biggest rail freight operator. They are one of the biggest in European Union („UE”). Core activity Core activity is cargo rail...

Clients and contractors

Key clients The Company operates in one principal geographic area, i.e. Poland, where its registered offices are also located. Total revenues for all geographic areas outside Poland in 2018 and 2017 did not exceed 13% of total revenues from...

Future - Technological assumptions

An autonomous dual-mode locomotivePKP CARGO S.A. cooperates with Pesa Bydgoszcz S.A. and Instytut Pojazdów Szynowych “TABOR” in Poznań to conduct research and development works on constructing an autonomous dual-mode locomotive.The relevant...

Future - Assumptions regarding the natural environment

Implementation of the Company’s strategy is based on adapting its resources and organization to the requirements of the contemporary transportation market, taking into account the principles of sustainable development, in accordance with the...

Value creation model

The Group’s activity covers a wide range of services connected with rail freight transport. The Group’s revenue from rail transportation and freight forwarding services makes up 84 % of the Group’s total operating revenue. The services provided...

Our capitals

The identification of capital is carried out as part of the business model. As capital, the PKP CARGO Group understands and treats all resources used and transformed to increase the value of the company. The capital transformation process is...


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